Free speech? That depends…

Once again, the champions of tolerance have done all they can to make sure that people they dislike don’t get to voice opinions that go against the liberal status quo.

At the end of last March, Ann Coulter was to speak at the University of Ottawa, but had to postpone once due to a group of protesters who just can’t stand her for…well, other than that they really don’t like her, it apparently has something to do with all the hate she spews. It’s kinda vague, as no one ever seems to be able to come up with any solid examples, but they assure us all that the examples do exist.

From the Canadian National Post:

“…about 40 protesters stood gathered outside the entrance to the Red and White Club at Calgary’s McMahon Stadium waving homemade signs and chanting “Ann Coulter go home” and “free speech not hate speech,” while about 900 students and ticketholders filed in quietly and orderly. Just a handful of police officers and security guards stood watch, silently.

Ms. Coulter, an often controversial commentator, cancelled a speaking engagement at the University of Ottawa earlier this week because of a mob of shouting students denouncing her presence. But even before she spoke [U of O provost Francois Houle] took it upon himself to write the best-selling author a letter warning her against violating Canada’s hate-speech laws. Ms. Coulter was set to speak in Calgary [March 25th].”

But as I said, they’re never very forthcoming about exactly what she says that’s as hateful as, say, all the hate mail, death threats & denigration she gets regularly. And she’s not alone. For example, Michelle Malkin too has been harassed, called the most vile racist (and misogynistic) epithets imaginable, and had her home address posted on leftist websites. Rush Limbaugh recently had a health scare & by the reaction from the left, you’d think it was New Year’s Eve.

And similarly to Coulter’s recent attempted stifling , David Horowitz was prevented from a speaking at an engagement in 2007. The funny thing was, one of the simpletons in Horowitz’s case had this to say:

“I really liked that people were able to stop this fascist rally from going down tonight. We cannot be a docile audience after what we read on his web page. He ran away like a coward.” -Jay Pasinelli

Yeah, sure thing. As though they were totally open minded & all that about him right up until they discovered his website just before he was to speak. But why did he “run away” instead of speaking at this “fascist rally” of his? Oh yeah: they wouldn’t friggin’ let him talk ! And again, there’s that whole “Conservatives are Fascists/Nazis” theme. Except, the only guy being suppressed during that so-called fascist rally was a Jewish guy by the name of Horowitz. Sorry, but there’s a difference between a rally (like a group of protesters chanting invective outside a lecture hall or theater) & a speaking date you were invited to by a university (as was the case with Horowitz and more recently, Coulter). It’s kinda hard to give a speech when there’s a group of howling apes going, well, apesh*t after every other word you try to get in edgewise.

All this just reminds me of what William F. Buckley once said:

“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”


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