Steven Crowder exposes John Stewart’s duplicity

This duplicity is nothing new. Most people seem to know or at least suspect that the media has been listing to the left since the 50′s. Bernie Goldberg laid it out in ‘Bias’ so well that no amount of denial or feigned outrage could obscure it any longer. And while Mr. Goldberg asserted that the leftist slant in the media is not the result of some dark conspiracy, Chapman Pincher made it plain in his book ‘Traitors’ that agents of influence have always used media personalities to steadily feed socialist & anti-American sentiments at every opportunity until it became so commonplace that it was just accepted as the norm. And then you wind up with people like Stewart, Colbert, Olbermann & so on who essentially become useful idiots to no one in particular.

Unfortunately for him, John Stewart is still under the impression that people don’t read books & simply get all their news from the news. It’s so obvious that he is the atypical media liberal; he really believes that he’s a moderate because that’s what he hears all the newscasters on the Big 3 networks claim whenever the issue of progressive bias comes up. Rather than come clean, they tenaciously hold to the fact that they’re decent, unbiased moderate people and, if anything, the media has a hard conservative slant to it (!).

Yes, they truly believe that. They don’t recognize the real bias because it’s just the way things are done; they don’t really know any conservative people and they can go most of their lives without interacting with them because they’re surrounded by people who are just like themselves.
In other words, anytime you see someone like Stewart proclaim how moderate he is, you can safely guess that they lean heavily to the left; it’s the hallmark of subtle influence: make leftist ideals so prevalent in everyday actions & statements that it becomes the norm. Then only people like Ayers & Garofalo are seen as far left while anyone to the right of Joe Lieberman is viewed (and summarily dismissed) as a Right Wing militia lunatic.


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