At least they stopped pretending to be unbiased…

CNN’s non-biased take on the debates they hosted for the GOP hopefuls:

And the “updated, less offensive” one:

And so the typical weasel-words & cheap shots about the relative IQ of conservatives rear their ugly heads. Here’s what you can expect in the next year & a half:
Numerous one-sided discussions about whether or not the Republican candidate is “the sharpest knife in the drawer” (here’s the invariable answer: he or she won’t be).

Inexplicably thorough examinations of the candidates past & suspected (as in “made up”) indiscretions, followed by accusations of a cover up when no proof is ever found. Unless the candidate in question is a Dem, but that’s a moot point because the Dem’s guy won’t get any more than the slightest cursory background check.

Religious Right/VRWC sightings.

Any misstatements by the Republican candidates will be cited as proof of incompetence and endlessly recycled in the media, while any misstatement by the Dem’s candidate will alternately be blacked out, ignored, explained away or falsely attributed to the Republican.

In addition to “wingnut” & “goofy” where the Republican’s beliefs & policies are concerned, a marked increase in weasel words/phrases like “jingoistic”, “ultra-Right-Wing”, “arch-conservative”, “Neo-Con”, “bible thumper”, “agenda”, “tax reform scheme” and “inexplicable”, to name only a few…and that’s when they’re attempting to appear unbiased.

And an endless stream of disdainful rhetoric aimed at the Rep’s candidate & his/her party, disingenuously being passed off as disinterested journalism. Editorials & articles that are little more than thinly-veiled hate speeches. Newscasts that are clear in their disapproval of anything slightly conservative.
All this coupled with endless praise & admiration for whomever the Democrat du jour is.

…and this is just the SHORT list.


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