How to lose faith in your countrymen’s ability to think

I’m kinda stunned that after Benghazi, after Fast & Furious, after $16,000,000,000,000 in debt, after NDAA-12, after staggering unemployment, after BILLIONS wasted on “Green energy” schemes, after BILLIONS given to people who hate us, after all the negative rhetoric, after Trinity UCC, after no budget for over 40 months, after the passage of ‘Obamacare’ & the lives that will be discarded due to it, after sooo many other examples of why “progressives” should NEVER be allowed anywhere near a government position…

…they all said:
“Y’know what? Maybe we should go ahead & try the same failed administration and its deadly ideas a second time…
I mean hey – what’s the worst that could happen?”

Well, I guess we’ll all find out for sure now.


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